The Bizerte We Want

 The first regional launch of the Post 2015 Agenda “Tunisia We Want” was a success yesterday at the Governorate of Bizerte (North East of Tunisia), with the presence of the Governor and the General Director of Local Development from the Secretariat of State for Development and International Cooperation (SEDCI) for the official opening and the support of the SEDCI throughout the whole day.

More than 80 people attended the meeting, representatives of civil society and citizens but also regional heads of institutions and agencies invited by the regional authorities and the UN.
250 questionnaires in Arabic were distributed and the link to the global campaign (MYWorld) was also shared with the Assistance.

Specific theme related to the  economic and social situation of the Governorate of Bizerte were raised,  related to quality Education, Health, Environment and the lack of infrastructure, especially in the southern part of the Governorate (the poorest).
Several important factors related to the lack of good governance, including the equitable sharing of wealth between the ‘wealthy’ sea coast of Bizerte and its poor inland area, were discussed and many participants asked for more support from the UN.
The issue of Decentralization has also been raised several times by the civil society actors who underlined the lack of participatory fora to discuss the Governorate’s economic and social issues.
At the end of the Day, several interesting proposals for the Governorate which will be part of our final report for the post 2015 were made.

“Oxygen FM” the Local radio, covered the event and asked the United Nations’ support to produce a radio spot raising awareness on the Post 2015 Agenda “Tunisia We Want”, in order to touch as many people as possible, especially in rural areas (Bazine, Joumine, Sejnane…).


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